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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
Don't be such a downer op. The depressing reality you're in is your own creation. Even in the midst of hell there are people living awesome lives.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26747016

I don't get depressed..or have downers.

This is the reality that's out there.

This thread is not made to be gloomy.
It's a straight up front on reality that exists...some people just want to put there head in the sand and believe everything is rosy.

If you depict what's happening...it sets a mindset that there is something going on, and I want to do something about it.

The world lives in a denial of untruth's..it's time people started to wake up to themselves.

The amount of people that are escaping to drugs is rife on every level...more so than people can imagine.
Were does this lead us all?....

Through all this so called doom and gloom...there is going to be a vast change in clarity of the mindset for humanity...
This first stage is going to happen in 2022..it's as sure as the sun rises everyday.

To change ones self..one must change the structered minset that's been put in place.

Then things will start to change outwardly.
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