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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle ~Spaze*Man~
Post Content
I agree nothing has changed.
If anything it is far worse.
Just watch commercials, you can see the sickness
In the way people react and bullsh*t you.
Everyone acting fake, fake smiles, fake laughs,
Disgusting humor that always makes the other
Person feel like an insignificant moron.
People selling products that don't really benefit your life at all.
100's of commercials about diseases and drugs so you
Can subconsciously feel you have problems in yourself.
Hyper egotistical humans who's only self worth is their body
And the way they attract and suck energy from others.
False self image of family and morals.
Twisted media newscasting death and destruction.
Movies and tv shows with massive violence and no self respect.
World wars and death everywhere you look.
Gmo foods and hidden agendas, secrets and lies.
That's why were all depressed.
So unless we drop everything and start over, admitting how
Royally screwed up we are. It will get chaotic.
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