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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle pete89
Post Content
What I see is that humanity has systematically divorced/ separated themselves- first from nature, then community, family, each other, themselves- things of meaning and substance. We are filling the void this leaves with the meaningless and the superficial, and these 'replacements' have no substance, no staying power- provide no foundation, compass or guage.
Ribbons and wrapper, with nothing inside but a hunger many don't know, or remember how to fill.
And because all this has happened over time it can't be quick-fixed- which in these times, is expected/demanded.
Connections/ relationships- bridges- are built a little at a time and reflect the work, care, substance put into them.
Let's hope there's still time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17743321

I agree with you 110%. It's the disconnection of ourselves from the rest of humanity (specially here in the West with the breakdown of the family structure, etc.) that's one of if not main reasons why so many more people are getting depressed. Most people, especially here in the West have attempted to fill this disconnect with distractions such as material possessions, technology and entertainment but it's an empty bottomless pit of false fulfillment that masks itself as just the opposite. I know, I've lived it.

Most of the 'truth' movement is superficial distraction as well where the rabbit hole is a bottomless pit that leads to no true answers or fulfillment, especially most of the New Age baloney. Most of the solutions offered to treat depressed or disrupted mental states, etc. that revolve around energy healing, etc. are merely band-aids and don't get to the roots. The OP gets much closer to the real answers and solutions to most. I've been following their posts for a while.
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