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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why? It is simple in my opinion.

And it's no great conspiracy or poisoning of the mind either.

Incomes have only risen 2% since 1975. While prices for everything else have risen at the rate of inflation.

So people have less and less money saved, and more and more debts to pay. Insecurity in life is a massive cause for nervousness, hopelessness and sadness. Those 3 combined are a cocktail towards depression and rage.

I really think it's as simple as that. Money is the cause of the problems.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29603155

I agree. Watching people on television having it all...doing it all...flying to visit friends, buying new cars, eating the finest foods in the best restaurants, wearing the best clothes and of course not an ounce of body fat. It all boils down to having money and believing you need money to be happy.

In our society you do need money to be happy. Don't try to be altruistic and insist YOU don't need money...that it cannot buy happiness.

It can provide the basics we do need to be happy; Food for the family, clothes and good shoes for the kids. Enough "toys" so the kids do not suffer not having what most of their friends have.

There needs to be enough money to pay the basic bills each month so you can have a home. You cannot have peace of mind when the bills are piling up.

I think TV has led us to live beyond our means. We have fallen into traps with credit and the failure to try harder to be educated and trained in more lucrative jobs. It is our own faults and weaknesses that have made us slaves to the bills and not able to have everything we want.

There is nothing mystical or dimensional about it. It is going to take hard work to control our appetites and get our feet back on the ground. All of us need to live within the means we have and work harder to improve ourselves and hopefully profit from that improvement.

Things will get a lot worse very soon. It is hard now to feed a family...but groceries are about to take a bigger chunk of the income than ever before. Food is going to be a major expense when incomes are not getting any bigger.

The weather changes and continued draught will hurt farming and there will be starvation. There will be pain. I do not see any rabbits being pulled out of any hats. The world is going to change and we have to change with it.

Any depression is going to have to be dealt with a sober mind and determined heart. A point has to be arrived at where we all just force ourselves to make something happen to improve things for all peoples.

It may be just a garden in a small yard, trading your tomatoes for anotherís green beans. It is going to take all of us. So we need to stop whining about our troubles and recognize what we did to get into this trouble and start working ourselves out of it. It will take years...and the rest of our lives. It is our job.
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