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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle amberseptember68
Post Content
The total surrender to hopelessness is a road one takes not giving notice to the day or decade the trip begins. Perhaps the accumulation of so many big things gone wrong, battles fought and the little victories that come each day seem fewer and lack the ability to bring forth that smile that once was, giving birth to that desire for something to happen anything. Nothing does.
Each day the masks remain the same everywhere you look. Yet one goes on. Maybe tomorrow I will believe again in the world; for its just made up of pieces of drifting lint often clinging to one another for no other reason than to make it just a little bit less senseless. Tears stop when the numbness builds a home.
The senseless madness all around perceived as normal will drive even the sanest among us insane. Yet we rant in our little outlets regardless how futile an effort it seems taking comfort that even in this, we are not alone.
Tomorrow I will smile.
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