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Message Subject Anyone seen the Big Red Idaho Potato Truck?
Poster Handle rdyke7@myfairpoint.net
Post Content
have no fear we have found your red potato truck.it was parked beside a potato field up here in maine,they were awe struck and decided to live in real potato country. the last time i saw your truck it was going thru a large sherdder.
norton the handyman for the town,a bit challanged was told to go get the red truck in town and bring it to the shedder,well he got our 1938 dodge powerwagon firetruck being it was the only red truck in town that he knew about,felt real bad that he made a mistake so he went and got your truck and ran it thru, now they don't know which bales of red steel is your truck,so they will be sending you a few bales of steel. thank you so sorry about your truck bob
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