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"According to a New York Times article on the subject, there is much more skepticism of global warming among meteorologists (such as Bastardi) than among climate scientists. Such skepticism appears to be widespread among TV forecasters, about half of whom have a degree in meteorology. A study released on Monday by researchers at George Mason University and the University of Texas at Austin found that only about half of the 571 television weathercasters surveyed believed that global warming was occurring and fewer than a third believed that climate change was “caused mostly by human activities."
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

What do you think, why?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28533978

It's caused by related, but insufficient knowledge and understanding.

Some people, ones that fall in about the 20% percentile in knowledge on a given subject, almost any subject, and have certain personality traits, such as high opinion of their ability to do things, tends to overestimate their skill badly.

To clarify that, some people who suck honestly and truly think their very good at things, even when they aren't.

That's why this happens.

Weather people, geologists and engineers tend to think they understand the climate data, often without actually having done more that cursory study on the topic, so those fields tend to have a high preponderance of people that dismiss the scientific data, due to incomplete and incorrect understanding of the topic.

In general, in any given field, you can trust what the experts say as a whole.

If you aren't personally ready to do some real study on any given field (and who is? I don't have time for most areas of intellectual discovery myself! We all specialized at times, which is fine.) Then it's best to put most of your attention into people actually doing the study themselves.

Do you trust a medical doctor with your health matters, or do you go to a smart geologist and use his information based on a few articles he read once off the internet?

Do you go to a dentist, who specializes in caring for teeth, or a barber, when you have a toothache?

If you find yourself trying to make excuses as to why you should disregard the expert opinion of the pro's, chances are really good that you simply want to have those findings to not be true!

Which is normal in a case like this. We've been given a death sentence, so many will go into denial for a long time.

But, to answer your question, that's why those people have problems with the data.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 927602

You are a typical SHEEP! "He graduated med school; he must know what he's doing!" "He is in a white god, so he is a GOD!"

SOME people -- including myself -- do their OWN research. E.g., I worked in allopathic medicine for 25 years. When diagnosed with a crippling disease, I went to those "experts" whom I believed in; I even went to THE BEST of the BEST! They almost KILLED ME! (Seriously, I went into organ failure and almost died on 3 separate occasions.) Then I began researching wholistic medicine and treated myself for the last year of my illness. Guess what? I've been in complete remission for over 10 years now.

Ditto with "global warming." I read Dr. Lovelock (the British Ph.D. who coined the phrase "greenhouse gases") back in 1991. I was a believer! Over time I began to question his premise and did my own, independent research. I quickly learned that AGW was a HOAX! That was years before Art Bell's book, Al Gore and his crap, and "Climategate."

BTW, I have no college degree but an IQ of 149. I also am an avid reader and researcher.

You are making sweeping generalizations, so of course what you're asserting is inaccurate. You are a fool.
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