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Message Subject Sea turns Red at Bondi Beach Australia
Poster Handle AnonyMs
Post Content
Bondi Beach could be closed for up to 36 hours while tests are conducted on the algal bloom that stained the water red this morning.

[link to www.smh.com.au]

What say you Bibletards :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26443358

Hmmmm .... OK, where is the thread I posted just a day ago about the dream I had where the oceans of the world were dying? I even posted links showing dead sea creatures in massive amounts washing up on shores. It's obvious by now, don't you all think? There is definitely something very amiss with our world, and the oceans are in deep trouble. This dream that I had was so troubling that I felt compelled to post it here on this forum, but now it seemingly cannot be found. Often dreams that I have - like this and/or mundane dreams - play out in 3 cycles: 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. That someone else has posted more warnings about our oceans just confirm what I saw in my dream: pollution of the oceans of the world due to man's use of fossil fuels.

Erasing, blocking or eliminating posts which point to the obvious does not work, to anyone/all who felt compelled to do so; it just delays others' awareness of what if happening in the here and now. It is imperative that we all begin to do something now - no matter how small - to try and return our oceans and planet back to its natural state. If we continue on our current, heedless course, the obvious will occur, and then EVERYONE will yell and cry and demand to know why something was not done. We are ALL responsible for the state of our earth, as we are all connected here on earth. We all eat, breathe, eliminate waste products, use and disperse toxic materials in some way, form or shape, therefore we all have a DUTY to be responsible towards the earth and the oceans for what we use and disperse therein, and to try to keep it clean for all concerned.

We are now all in a state where we can easily progress towards our own extinction; let's all stop being 'the dinosaur', and start to really ch-habitate with nature before it is truly too late.

Thank you for reading my post; have a good day. hf
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