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Electromagnetic Signals from HIV

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United Kingdom
11/27/2012 10:09 AM
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Electromagnetic Signals from HIV
Electromagnetic Signals from HIV Prospects for a Science of Homeopathy

Luc Montagnier, recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), may have scored another success, if highly controversial in the mainstream community. His research team found electromagnetic (EM) signals consistently produced in dilute solutions of the HIV virus DNA in water.

HIV is a RNA virus, normally detected in the blood stream of people infected with the virus. The viral RNA is not responsible for the EM signal. Instead, it the complementary DNA (cDNA) sequence that does the trick. DNA signals are detected only in patients previously treated by antiretroviral therapy and having no detectable viral DNA copies in their blood [1].

The findings suggest that treatment of AIDS patients with antiretroviral drugs pushes the virus toward a new mode of replicating that involves DNA and insensitive to the drugs. This has implications for new approaches to eradicating AIDS disease, and also for the science of homeopathy.
Antiretroviral therapy is no cure

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has become the standard treatment of HIV infection. It is generally a combination of three or four inhibitors of the viral reverse transcriptase and protease, and results in an apparently complete disappearance of the HIV viremia - measured by RNA copies in the patient’s blood - within 3 to 6 months. However, as soon as the treatment is interrupted, virus multiplication resumes within weeks, viral RNA copies increases in the blood, and the CD4 T cell numbers drop.

This indicates the presence of a viral reservoir that is not accessible to the antiretroviral drugs, possibly proviral DNA integrated in cells in a dormant state. In the study, the researchers showed that ART induces the release of HIV DNA sequences into the patients’ blood, which is detectable by “a new biophysical technology” previously described for bacterial DNA [2] (see ‘Homeopathic’ Signals from DNA, SiS 48). Effectively, ART pushes the virus towards a low level of replication using only DNA templates. That is why “classical inhibitors used in ART cannot achieve eradication of the viral infection”, said the researchers.

A device used originally by Jacques Benveniste (immunologist turned homeopathy researcher) enabled them to detect low frequency EM waves, apparently emitted by high dilutions in water of DNA from pathogenic bacteria.

EM signals not produced by the virus

CEM cells (a cell line derived from human T cells) were infected with HIV1. The supernatants were serially diluted 1 in 10 and checked for EM signals, and gave negative results as in the experiments with bacteria.

It was necessary to pass the supernatant through a filter with pore size of 20 nm to separate the putative “emitting nanoparticles” from the intact virus particles, which were 100 to 120 nm. When centrifuged through a sucrose gradient, the virus particles formed a sharp band at a density of 1.16. In contrast, the nanoparticles producing the EM signals were associated with fractions ranging in densities from 1.15 to 1.25.

Plasma samples were obtained from three groups of patients (altogether 125): asymtomatic untreated; symptomatic not yet treated and with high virus load; and symptomatic treated with antiretroviral therapies and no detectable virus load.

EM signals were only detected regularly in the third category in all 30 patients. The EM signals were detected in plasma dilutions ranging from 10-4 to 10-8. No EM signals were detected in patients belonging to the other two categories except for one untreated patient with AIDS disease.

To detect EM signals, the plasma had to be kept unfrozen and stored preferentially at 4 ˚C. Freezing and storing at -29 or -80 ˚C destroyed the capacity to produce EM signals. Serum from clotted blood was also negative for EM signals, whether kept at 4 ˚C or frozen. Heating the diluted plasma at 65 ˚C for one hour inactivated or reduced significantly their ability to produce the EM signals. Filtration through 20 nm filters was necessary for detecting the signals, as in the in vitro studies.

[link to www.i-sis.org.uk]
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