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Top 10 Ways to Get Peace in Palestine and Israel


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United States
11/27/2012 10:38 AM

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Top 10 Ways to Get Peace in Palestine and Israel
[link to www.juancole.com]

1. The Israeli blockade on Gaza exports and non-military imports must be lifted altogether.

2. Palestinians must be granted citizenship in a state.

3. Egypt should broker a rapprochement between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas

4. Egypt’s President Muhammad Morsi should put pressure on Hamas leaders to foreswear the use of terrorist tactics toward Israel.

5. New elections for the Palestine Authority should be scheduled, perhaps overseen jointly by Israel and Egypt.

6. Israel must return to a moratorium on its colonization of the Palestinian West Bank, so as to permit genuine peace talks to start back up.

7. Israel must cease expropriating the property of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and must recognize that the status of Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations.

8. Israel must cease demanding that people recognize it before negotiations begin.

9. Israel and the Palestinians, in the light of Hamas pledges of renouncing terror tactics and Israel’s moratorium on land theft, must return to the negotiating table for final status talks and the swift implementation of Oslo.

10. The United States should cease blocking United Nations Security Council resolutions critical of Israel.
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