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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content

I afford it just fine. it is cheaper than stuffing meat into your face in fact.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I try to find good deals on veggie burgers, or make my own. If you have a friend or relative who has a Sams Club or Costco membership you can get great stuff in bulk at those places... (for those of us in the US!)
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

because of my love for burgers and sandwiches I did the veggie burger thing, but over time, and because I have to pay attention to carbs I haven't made any for some time. There are excellent cookbooks to make them at home, all sorts of wondrous varieties. and on the web too. I cook much less than I used to.

your own homemade stuff is always far better than store bought prepared, and I can't stand the veggie burgers based on soy, they have all the charm of eating a cereal box. most have really gone down hill and are priced way more than hamburger. made at home they are much better and cheap.

If you are having troubles with them staying bound together, put in oat flour or grind up your oatmeal, binds very well and provides lovely flavor to whatever you are making your veggie burgers with.

I had a favorite I made with shoot, those little round grains, with the coil within them when cooked, I am TIRED this morning, spinach and other stuff, and bound with the oats. These are so good, and made in small pieces make great dipping for kids that like to do that, or party food. For "cheese" in some recipes, as the suggestion above, which I converted from non vegan recipe, use ground up cashews with some red or yellow or orange peppers into a paste.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

homemade veggie burgers/patties are definitely much better! I have a tough time finding time to make them...I agree about the soy based, I'm a big fan of blackbean burger base for recipies! The cashews and red/yellow pepper sounds awesome as well! I might have to find some more time to cook :)
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

I finally edited my post above, quinoa is the little round grains and texture of finished product is almost like fine ground hamburger. Read the edit.

if you have troubles getting the black bean burgers (which I love also), to hold firmly enough, the ground oats will do that and they are wondrous also with beans, taste wise.
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