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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Neoanderthal Woman
Post Content
I think it is a personal choice if one chooses to eat meat or not. Some like it, some don't. IMO, just respect another person's choice if it does not interfere or offend yours.

Ask yourself why does it bother you if someone else eat meat and you don't. The moment you try to impose your view on someone's else, you are violating his or her free will and his or her choice to the matter. Treat others the way you want to to be treated.

The funny thing I notice is that the vegetarian/vegan or non meat eater will tend to ask the meat eater to stop eating meat.

OP, if you ask for understanding and sincerely ask other to understand why you and the non meat eaters do not eat meat, then apply that understanding to the people who choose to eat meat. You want others to respect your choice, then you respect theirs too. Respect and understanding go both way.

I am of the opinion we need both meat and veggies for a well balanced diet and I respect people who choose just veggies or meat as their main diet.
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