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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle DaKine
Post Content
Went vegan for a bit in the 70s.

My body hated it.

The first steak back I knew I was back on track.

I'm a strong man.

Intend to stay that way.

And.... I'm and old man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28477471

Went Vegan a few years back. I felt horrible. Then I read Eating Right For Your Bloodtype. I am blood type O positive. According to the book I am the "meat-eater". I then went back on meat loving every minute of it. Constantly quoting the book, and saying I have to eat meat! Then it really hit me. I can't do this consciously anymore. Doing so just makes me feel disconnected from my true feelings. I don't know why NOW is the right time for me, but it is. I am not weak or sick looking as one poster has said. I feel fine. Better then fine, actually. As I said before... I feel lighter, but have only lost a few pounds. I personally am not here to judge what it is YOU might believe....just sharing my story.
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