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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Bad karma points will NEVER save the life a deer, your libtard ideology FAILS!
Crybaby pagan.lolatu
 Quoting: weasel keeper

 Quoting: wildhoney

That was one of worst movies I had ever seen, that "touchy feely" nonsense makes my skin crawl, this movie was a work of FICTION, not to be construed as reality.
This is where you liberals really lose it, you let your emotions run your lives, all logic cast aside, stumbling blindly through your existence without a shred of truth to guide you.
 Quoting: weasel keeper

liberal? I dont know exactly what it means..I have never voted dont understand anything about politics..the movie? I loved it

Emotions..feelings are what give us a divine essence..emotions..feelings..like empathy..compassion..mercy..forgiveness..love..bring us closer to God in my opinion..
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