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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Went vegan for a bit in the 70s.

My body hated it.

The first steak back I knew I was back on track.

I'm a strong man.

Intend to stay that way.

And.... I'm and old man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28477471

Went Vegan a few years back. I felt horrible. Then I read Eating Right For Your Bloodtype. I am blood type O positive. According to the book I am the "meat-eater". I then went back on meat loving every minute of it. Constantly quoting the book, and saying I have to eat meat! Then it really hit me. I can't do this consciously anymore. Doing so just makes me feel disconnected from my true feelings. I don't know why NOW is the right time for me, but it is. I am not weak or sick looking as one poster has said. I feel fine. Better then fine, actually. As I said before... I feel lighter, but have only lost a few pounds. I personally am not here to judge what it is YOU might believe....just sharing my story.
 Quoting: DaKine

I am an O and I also read that book, tried it on, did jack shit for me. Consciousness is a far greater issue than blood type. I have been vegetarian and sometimes vegan for 12 years now. I unfortunately still enjoy some dairy and last night I found new phosphate deposits on my shin bones and just put all the cheese in the freezer for a time while I cleanse. Maybe I will stay off the stuff, although I do not consume in excess, but my body just proved I do.

I will be cleansing off the phosphate filled stuff until those little nodules go away. You ones need to READ labels and NOT take in of foods with added phosphates and most of your meat is stuff full of them unless you can find some that is not. do not eat diary with added phosphates, your sour cream does NOT need it. if you are going to use diary, CREAM has most of the phosophates removed by the process of separating off the whey. Cheese has a bit less than milk. but still too much.

We who are starseeds get arthritis YOUNG because our kidneys can't handle it. I found this out while pregnant when doctor took me off the diary because of the terrible charley horses. I thought it was a pregnancy issue and went back on dairy afterwards and the arthritis continued to build. He did not associate this with arthritis or I would have stayed off the quantity I used.
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