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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Shamar
Post Content
To "christains" here, even your bible says god gave you the plant foods to eat, and any reference to meats in your OT after that initial statement in genesis, is not of God. HUman by Jesus own teachings does not eat Flesh. You can have eggs and limited diary, but these should come from contented well cared for animals raised in non factory conditions. Have any of you tasted eggs grown in peoples "back yards"? divine. the best of organic eggs fall way short. I got reminded over labor day weekend when we stayed in a guest house of a family that had their own loved chickens on their 10 acres. Even a small crayfish pond was providing cray fish for them in season at the time. Rich dark yellow yolks.

Man has needed cholesterol to make his natural steroids, but with the DNA linkages going on, this is changing for many. Man was given the chicken for this purpose, its eggs, and its meat when the chicken is old and doesn't lay or the excess of male chickens is for animal foods. But the boys must be raised humanely also.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

Jesus never said do not eat meat, he said do not eat flesh. Flesh is uncooked meat that contains blood.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28304865

wrong.....the Word says to not eat any animal whose life is in its blood.

That means any animal who has blood.

It doesn't mean cook it until it's not pink anymore. Besides, it is physically
impossible to get all blood out of the flesh.
 Quoting: Shamar

It means kill the animal before you eat. It says in the Old Testament what animals are clean and unclean to eat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28304865

The law of Clean and Unclean has been written by the lying scribes.

It states that a rabbit should not be eaten because though it chews the cud it does not have a split hoof. God could have never said that rabbits chew the cud because they dont. They are not rumminants but they only give appearance that they chew the cud and the ancients mistakenly believed that rabbits chew the cud.

Also, why did the scribes prohibit the use of milk of all unclean animals including a camel, a mare etc., but permitted the use of bee honey? They mistakenly believed that the bees only collected the pollen but now we know that honey is a product of bees and therefor should be prohibited since bees a classified as unclean.

God says that He does not change and therefore His dietary law does not change.

We are told to believe that originally God prescribed a vegetarian diet, then allowed Noah to eat all kinds of animals, then through Moses clean only, then through Jesus all kinds of animals and then in the Kingdom vegetarian diet again. God is not a lunatic but consistenmt and all those laws which contradict his divine and perfect nature are lies as He Himself says in Jeremiah 8.8.
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