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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
One last thought before I leave this ridiculous thread....

When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree and discovered they were naked,what did the LORD cover them in?

Hint: it was not a philodendren.

Just sayin'...

Ya'll have a great day.
 Quoting: Meow... 3650237

And why did he cover them in animal skin? because it was over..the paradise was lost..the harmony broken..chaos entered..death..suffering..eating flesh..using hide to cover the body hidden in shame where before there was only innocence

You fail to grasp ths significance I think
 Quoting: wildhoney

YOU fail to grasp the New Testament.
Again...what did the father do when his prodigal son returned home?
He did not kill the hibiscus.
 Quoting: Meow... 3650237

But lets look beyond this fallen reality to the Kingdom that will come..its says that even the lion will eat straw

and the lion will sleep /lay with the lamb etc..

no more meat eating..no more killing..no more violence in my opinion

we will again eat the fruits..Thats what I believe

( I enjoy cooking mostly for others..for myself out of three meals..two are only fruit..because I love fruit)
 Quoting: wildhoney

This can't come to fruition until the 'rules' of the 'game' are changed. We cannot create this on our own accord. If we were to intervene and stop the animals from consuming one another, our fragile eco-system would collapse and we would all suffer. So for now, the rules dictate that it is based on consumption of other living things (animals/plants).

I don't love eating. In fact I've grown tired of it and think of it as a burden. If I could flip a switch I would gladly exist off of sunlight & water, but unfortunately that's not our present reality.
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