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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i'm a spiritual being having a human experience. humans are omnivores. i'm not going to limit my experience, OP, it is a great one. we are all part of a huge cycle and everything eats everything.

when i'm a hawk, i will eat meat. when i am some sorts of plant (tomato, say) i will eat meat (look it up). when i'm a cow, hopefully i will eat grass and some occasional bugs.

why don't you become a grass farmer and raise beef that isn't cruel--and do something to help the world OP?

and actually, i eat more than just the meat. i make the bones into that wonderful all-healing broth. i eat the vitamin dense organs too. and i mulch the gardens with the rest. it is all bueno.

are there cruel farmers and cruel factory workers? sure. i'm not in charge of them, and i try not to support them. but it doesn't mean there is something wrong with meat.
 Quoting: queenbee 1562977

We are all spiritual beings, depends on how advanced we are. It's all about duality, Meat vs Vegetables, guess which one is the positive and the negative?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1370992

guess which one is the positive and the negative?

<--- interesting statement

I try to think along the lines of which food will carry a higher "vibration" per se...veggies vs. meat? This has helped in my choice of food over the last few years. If something carries a lower vibration (unnatural/unhealthy/hard for the body to process) and I then make it a part of my body...will it decrease or increase my bodies energetic state? Most of the time the vegetable wins the fight. I've been a vegetarian for a while now and still try to use this concept in food selection and I definitely feel a difference if I eat unhealthy for a day or two!
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

When I was eating meat, my body always seemed to spit it out, lick it didn't want any part of it.

The veggies, yeah I like to call it miracle food, as it resonates with my body well.
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