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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Shamar
Post Content
 Quoting: Dinkytuff

Christ taught that HUman does not eat flesh. That is for cavemen types who have not evolved enough to not need animals in this manner. Grow up. See how abused animals are that are raised in factory food farms. Its horrible. and their fear carries over into the meat you consume.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

God gave man dominion over all the animals on land, sea and all those that fly in the air.

And didn't Jesus eat fish? Animals do not have fear like we do. They live in the moment and react to imminent danger only,their fear does not carry over like ours does.

I've seen my horses calmly grazing moments after a tornado took out a bunch of trees in their pasture.
 Quoting: Dinkytuff

God gave dominion over all animals as in "husbandry" or....think Zoo Keeper.

He didnt' give animals to mankind to abuse, torture, destroy OR eat.

And no, Jesus didn't eat fish.

The difference in animals and man, is the frontal lobe of our brain, that part at enables man to "plan ahead"....or, choose to worship the Creator. That is the difference.
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