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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle queenbee
Post Content
no need to reference the bible or any other person.

look around you at the birds, animals and plants and the microflora.

they will teach you that we are all one, we all die, and we all eat each other.

each species has its ways of living

don't hate yourself because you are an omnivore

and don't get your nutrition info from the media

if you do want a bible of eating, some sort of user manual for being a human--weston price studied the health and diets of people on their traditional, non-modern diets throughout the world. he found NO VEGANS. he found people who ate mostly fish and sea mammals and very little plants (inuit), and he found people who ate mostly dairy and rye and meat just once a week (mountain swiss) he found people who ate seafoods and oats (scott). he found people who ate buffalo and other land animals and fish and some plants (native americans) he found a whole spectrum of eating, but he didn't find any succesful, healthy tribes who did not eat some animal foods. he also compared the successful traditional diets to modern ones and found modern diets lacking.

read the book "nutrition and physical degeneration" to find out. pick your favorite, proven successful diet and live it! don't just write off animal foods and ruin your health. it is very hard to return to health once it is broken.

it is not good or evil, it just IS
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