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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there's a reason why 60% of the world are vegetarians. im going to list the main topics and you can chose to research further. its a big topic and part of the awakening process.

just like every other aspect of our society we have been deceived. Ive been a vegetarian for almost a year now. no turning back!

- meat causes cancer and many other illnesses
- meat causes people to be much more violent and aggressive
- slaughter houses are the 2nd highest contributer to "global warming"
- adopting a vegetarian diet would wipe out world hunger. the amount of water and grain needed to produce meat is crazy
- the hormones added to meat along with other preservatives
- its not natural for us to eat meat if we compare ourselves to herbivores
- we cant eat meat raw
- we cant catch animals without tools
- our intestine is too large
- fruit and veg have better protein and minerals.
- all the biggest herbivores are vegans
- protein can only be produced via photosynthesis
- do you look at road kill and think yummy
- meat has to be seasoned as it tastes vile
- we intake the adrenaline and fear from a slaughtered animal
- vegans live loner and healthier (the stats say it!)

and lots more Ive probably missed. the point is that you only have to look around and you can see it. like bob Marley says follow the advice and listen to the voice within.
look at all the KFC and McDonald everywhere. sugar is the fuel for cancer. the cancer industry makes BILLIONS from chemotherapy. chemo is outdated! there are cures out there! MANY CURES!! why is cancer on the increase? it has nothing to do with your genes or DNA. everyone is prone to cancer, its weather your body is capable of fighting it. Your environment and what goes into your body is why people get cancer.

also i can understand people may feel its hard. every store we go into is full of this shit. it is made to be hard so you eventually go oh fuck it, or "but it tastes so good" would you eat a human? or a dog? where do you draw the line? How long can you keep saying "because it tastes good"

PS. dairy is a huge contribute!! ever wondered why the government are so nice to give pre school kids milk!?...
animals are so important with keeping nature balanced too! like the fish in the ocean and livestock replenishing the fields etc

heres some info - theres is sooo much out there. if you make the change, well done. it wasnt your fault you we mislead, now you know the truth.

afro hf grouphug

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. - ALBERT EINSTEIN

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