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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Smashy76
Post Content
Just for the Bob Marley, I decided NOT to but bacon bits on my bacon and sausage this morning at breakfast. Also I I killed my dinner first, before I plucked all it's feathers off.

If you're offended, you should be. I don't tell you what to eat, or try to guilt you into not eating soy products due to the massive destruction they're agriculture causes.

The meat that I do eat is harvested in a humane way and even though you've been lied to and don't think so, meat IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN part of the human diet.

A little factoid for you cause I'm sure you'll attempt some weird vegan argument on meat is murder and humans are gastronomically incompatible to process meat.

Until human's started farming and the introduction of grains consistently became part of human diet, humans didn't have tooth decay. It was unheard of until grains and cereals, g'head ask anthropologists. Humans process grains and cereals into glucose a.k.a. sugar. Also we (people) have spent centuries eating meat starting with scavenging predator kills, then hunting any other creature that they could catch.

You talk about a "simple request for understanding" yet every time I was around a vegan or vegetarian they feel the need to announce and patronize anyone who isn't a vegan or vegetarian. So it's a simple request I'm asking to not hear or be told you're a vegetarian and tell me what to eat.
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