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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle Neoanderthal Woman
Post Content

How do you know a person is screwed beyond redemption if he or she eats meat? Are the non meat eaters passing out judgment now just because you think you are far better than the rest of the people who are eating meat? How do you know that if you do not eat meat your chance or possibility of ascension is much higher than those who consume meat?

Bottom line is, it is not what you eat, it is what you said, things that come out from your mouth, from your heart that defile us. JC said that in Matthew 15:17-19.

Respect each other's choice of the matter, OP and the non meat eaters you want others to understand why you do not eat meat, then understand why others choose to eat meat. Interestingly, it seems the non meat eaters are the ones often trying to impose their view on others and telling others how spiritually advanced or better they are.

If you are truly more spiritually advanced than the rest, then it would make more sense that you would be more humble and not judge, spew hate and respect other people's choice of the matter.
 Quoting: Neoanderthal Woman

dang I wish people would stop taking verses out of context!!

 Quoting: Shamar

I don't mean to take verses out of context. I am not an expert of the Bible. I am sorry if it offends you and/or others.

Even without quoting the bible, I still stand by it is not what you eat that define you. You can be the most spiritually advanced being or person but if your heart is not in the right place, I am of the opinion that no amount of veggies eating is going to ascend you. Understanding can only come if we stop trying to change someone into a copy of us. Respect other people's choice in life and they will (hopefully) respect yours.
 Quoting: Neoanderthal Woman

I'm not trying to "ascend" or whatever.....I am just trying to follow our Creator's loving instructions. And HE is the one that says not to eat anything that has its life in its blood.

I also disagree with you that what we eat does not define us. We are what we eat..... What we eat, becomes a part of us...it is assimilated into our body. And the soul of the creature? I have to agree with others' posts, that particularly commercialized meat, that contains very negative energy, which also is being absorbed into the body....
 Quoting: Shamar

The ascension part was in respond to the people who hold that belief. I responded to you in regard to you saying I took bible verse out of context. Perhaps I did and or not, not going to get into an argument with that.

I understand what you said about we are what we eat. But what I am saying go beyond that.

I see your point of view on the part of the commercialized meat part.

I am also trying to live life the way the Creator wants us to. This world is very messed up, no one really knows how to live anymore. Everyone is trying to tell others how to live and what to eat. I disagree with some of your points but I am not going to convince you are right and I am wrong or vice versa.
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