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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle 1908247
Post Content
I think its obvious that plants are sentient beings. But the it's something totally different than from animals.
I don't think they feel pain or suffer when we eat them.

The level of consciousness is different.. it's also different from a fish to a cow for example..
 Quoting: 1908247

Does a rabbit suffer more when a human kills it, as opposed to a fox?


I believe it's about the different enviroment, fish live on water, but I'm not expert to explain it to you exactly, altough my statement does make sense in my mind tounge

Have we not separated ourselves from nature, and placed ourselves above the natural order of things? Isn't that what's led us to so many of the problems we have today? Separating ourselves from nature and the natural order of our physical world?

You mean if we stop eating meat we would be putting ourselves further away from natural order?
 Quoting: 1908247

I think we can learn a lot from the way that animals live. Humans are the only species on Earth that possess a fear of death. You see I no longer view 'death' as an undesriable outcome. I see it only as a transition or transformation back to a more natural form of existence and a continuation of the evolutionary process. I don't feel sad when people pass away anymore, I actually feel happy for them. I know that this world is just a temporary experience.

I understand and agree to what you say. But I don't think this justify our actions cutting short their lives simply for our confort. We don't need meat in our diet!

And even if one eats meat, I don't think anyone should bow down to the great companies. Animal industries are a big punch for Earth.
The way the animals are treated. Most of them die in pain and suffering and it's proven that this releases some toxines on the flesh of the animal.
Not to mention hormones.

I don't think this is something about caring for animals or having pity on them. Of course I care about animals, but that is about our species aswell. It's bad for our health and it hurts the enviroment aswell.
Again, even if you eat meat you can't deny those facts, and something should be done about that. Look the facts..
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