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Message Subject Please, please stop eating meat.
Poster Handle queenbee
Post Content
i think what some people here want is to feel like they are somehow different, evolved or chosen.

at my advanced age i have found that we are all pretty much the same. all just wonderful. it is true that you can feel pretty good for a pretty long time (years) as a vegan (depending on the stores you have set aside). but eventually you will begin to degenerate when the end of those stores have been reached. MS, dental and skeletal disease, other autoimmune diseases (which are actually infections).

if you life like a monk (allowed to pray and not expected to do much) you will degenerate a little more slowly.

do not attempt pregnancy or nursing while vegan--you have the right to experiment with your own health, but not theirs. raise children on a traditional, wholesome diet.


scripture. hey, they are all beautiful words, but all we have to do is look around us at the real world and inside us for the answers.

my grandfather lived to 93. my grandmother is still extant at 97. they were both energetic and healthful to the end and meat eaters. i doubt many of us born in more modern times will live that long. we are not sick because we eat meat. you are on the wrong path. there are MANY other reasons why and your are getting bogged down.
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