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Message Subject WTF? How was that possible? Was just "coincidence"?
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
It doesn't matter what they do in rituals anymore. The damage is already done. People 'woke up' before they were supposed to. Many more than they expected. Too many to have their plan work. Many turned to spiritualism like in the seventies. Many started growing their own food and not being so reliant on grocers for sustenance. Many turned to holistic healing instead of big Pharma for life-saving, natural medicine. Some began to write tell-all books about what they knew of Illuminati and their symbols. Some became famous astronomers, watching the heavens, and tried to tell us what was happening in the face of death. In essence we are all finding our way back to truth thanks to those who woke up sooner than originally imagined.

As for coincidence there is only a planned route. This is why history always seems to repeat itself. What we see as coincidence are clear markers for understanding what is before you. The mind cannot shrug off 'coincidence'. It eats at you until you find so many 'coincidences' that you can longer deny there is something there that needs a closer look. It's a perfect way to get us to pay attention; obsession is very much a part of human existence.
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