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From Glenn Beck Via Email

Anonymous Coward
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11/28/2012 02:48 AM
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From Glenn Beck Via Email
November 27, 2012
On Today's Program

Jamie Foxx: Obama is our lord & savior
Actor Jamie Foxx is getting absolutely thrashed on social media today after video circulated of him praising Barack Obama as our ‘lord and savior’. Even many Obama supporters thought the line, whether he meant it or not, was in really poor taste - WATCH.

Meanest prank ever? Unwitting elevator riders greeted by scariest ghost ever. Trust us...you WANT to see this. WATCH.

Praise Lord... Obama? Artist creates Obama-as-Jesus poster
The artist swears this poster has nothing to do with comparing Obama to Jesus Christ, despite the fact he has Obama wearing a crown of thorns and in the crucifix position. As offensive as the image is, the artist has the right to do it. But will the left acknowledge this same right with those they disagree? Glenn has more on radio today.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV
5pm ET - The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn teased that he is going to unveil a very special "art project" on the show tonight. We have a feeling that you will not want to miss this one.
6pm ET - Real News: Is the U.N. really trying to grab control of the Internet? What will that mean to Americans?
7pm ET - Wilkow!: Obamacare, the Fiscal Cliff and the "End of Moderates in the GOP" -- they're all on Andrew's radar.
Watch live or on demand: Start your free trial now!

Two and a Half Men star: The show is filth
The teenage ‘half’ of Two and a Half Men recently recorded his testimony at his church, who then posted the video. On the video he begins talking about how the show is filth and actually advises people to stop watching it. Why would he lash out at his own show while he’s still working on it? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Slotto hits it big in the Marketplace
A few years back Glenn talked about a man on the Marketplace website who had a dream and a shed. He didn’t have much money for his business idea so he worked out of his shed. After the segment aired things changed dramatically. This audience responded in a huge way - how big? Find out on radio today.

First Look: Christmas Spectacular featuring Glenn’s 8 year old son and his friend - WATCH.

Never let a crisis go to waste — that's how the left gets things done. The radicals behind U.N. Agenda 21 are no different. They'll use any situation from a natural disaster (have you seen how Hurricane Sandy has already been co-opted?) to a traffic problem to promote their plans for "sustainable development" and "controlled growth." Want to know what the world might look like if America doesn’t wake up to this frightening plan that’s infiltrating communities around the nation? Get a copy of Glenn's new thriller novel, AGENDA 21, and experience it for yourself. Already read AGENDA 21? We'd love to know what you think. Tweet us your feedback using #Agenda21!

Meet Glenn and get a signed copy of Agenda 21! Glenn's hitting the road for his Agenda 21 book tour beginning THIS THURSDAY. Find out if he's coming to a town near you HERE.

There are critical things you MUST know before you make the decision to carry concealed.
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Think we’ve lost? Think again - check out last night’s "Never Quit" monologue HERE.

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