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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle thedude2888
Post Content
Carl Jung's The Red Book;; take over of interplanetary odds through ancient psychic ability.

The geniuses conspired to destroy the world, Existentials, religious texts, ann rand//john galt, superman has access to archives. etc.

condition of love non satisfactory, judgement, benign and illegitimate.

leaders sent to rule over planet turned away in favor of deception, Socrates poisoned, Jesus killed, the enlightened turned to poverty.

spaceship overcrowded movement to new energy plan;; inevitable concepts of Utopia;; no way out, programming reaching peak information critical mass.

New beings on earth, move through art, across time and bring ideas to now;; interdimensional beings fight war, destroy pitiful human interdimensional time travel, massive wave of frequencies and spells concerning too many souls overload God particle, God is perceivable for a moment of beauty until wisdom collapses program and machine resets without finishing because cannot self terminate. self achieve machine is anomaly. many become anomaly old system can no longer contain program sets.

Intentions become edgy, break free unto the war descends upon purgatory and even the lower levels of heaven feel the burn.

Blood of Ra, wrath of the sun, return to Him Isis less the chains of flesh burn away. WOS is the failed vessel.
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