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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content

I'm in melbourne.

i'm not up to date with certain sayings here...what is a wos.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

WOS: woman of scars

For what it's worth- I believe in you and your abilities.

Far north Queensland is one of the energy centers where all the lines cross over.
INTENSE energy!! Some have come before to try and heal kuranda in particular.
The solar eclipse and this lunar eclipse tonight .... Man - people visited FNQ for it and have said the energy in FNQ was so intense they couldn't wait to leave!

EVERYONE here (I'd gather everywhere but we feel it so strongly here) is going through such FULL ON energy changes! EVERYONE is feeling it!!

Let me petition you! If you haven't been to FNQ- please do so- hf
 Quoting: FreyjaFiyr

I've been up there a few times...i was up there last year.

I was in cairns about 4 years ago...very good area.

I noticed that parts of qld have been disrupted to some extent...the energy has changed since the first time i was there in the late eighties.

This is happenning all around the place because of the imitation frequency's that they put in place, as the areas built up.

A lot of people have tried to tap into energy points through the globe..that includes our country.

The 11.11 activation...solara started....they had this direction that they were openning up the energy grid lines through eleven points... on this earth.

I met her in the ninties and being straight forward...i said that they won't open these lines up.

They did achieve tapping into the energy lines and experience the connection but they didn't open the corridor lines up.

They don't have the frequency key to do so.

The sphinx in egypt is regarded as a guardian...being on a major vortex point..it's obvious that it represents a guardian of the energy lines...the guardian of the grid points on the sacred lines.

I had the pleasure of standing between it's paws when i was there.

Not many can get that close....it's not allowed.
Seems like the guard there had a change of mind, and let me do this.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

Well one of the things that has come up in my circle is that up here is a gateway as well... A corridor.... And unlike every other site around our earth- we have no 'guardians' as such or stones to contain and protect the energy.

There are lots of old legends- from the ansestrals of this place- certain forbidden areas... I guess we have more than enough spirit guardians of the land who do a fine job at warding off anyone with less than pure intentions.

I've always felt energy too- I'm getting the message consistently from the universe to learn to work with energy for healing.

I'm extremely interested in what you are sharing - please share morehf
 Quoting: FreyjaFiyr

The aboriginals new about the grid lines..they called them song lines.

The dreamtime is very similiar to the sth american shamans.

That's were all the information comes from.

The song lines are vibrational lines..they contain the sound that vibrates at a certain frequency.

These lines are connected to all of us. our nerve endings act as a reciever to to these energy's.
So what were experiencing now, is energy's that disrupt our nervous system...were stressed out by all this built up of imitations.

Our clarity of consciousness is clouded..it's no were near were it should be.

You can imagine the flow of energy that has a gentle system running through our grid points.

It would be like a burded has lifted from humanity's shoulders.

If you have the passion to work with energy...go for it.
Use your intution to guide you through it.
When you start to tap into the energy lines...you will start to feel it around you.

What stops people from experiencing these things is fear of the unknown.

Fear abounds on this site as it does in society.
that's why the ones we call shills are fear based people..there basically scared..that's why they attack threads.
This happens right through society....
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