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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tell us the world's biggest secret
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

There is no world secret.

The energy lines were deactivated in the past...that's why were in this state.

Everything is energy...to change things...it can only be done through that field.

The whole mechanics of our world is imitated to go in a course directive..there is manipulation on every level of society.

I can see that clearly..every person I come in contact with, I know them.

That is there signature..frequency.

It's a given that the earth will adopt it's full spectrum.
The vein lines that run through it's system will not be hindered in our near future.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

interesting so have you tuned the grid in your area??

are you attached to it in said manner??

or are you just see its affects as others are seeing its affects of being tuned??

there is a master controller you know
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28386854

I went to egypt in the eighties...I was able to tap into that site naturally..without effort.

What happened is not important...
I was young at that point..so I didn't push things.

I've worked with energy over here... but more so with people.
I'm able to bring people into the realms of the grid lines...guide them through it.
I've only done this on a limited base...many years ago.
i've laid dormant for a few decades on this matter.

Our area is safe from disaster because I'm able to hold that energy...
We get the occasional earthquake which we had in the last year and sever weather... but it's not going to affect this area.
I know so.

I'll be going to uluru...some time in the next two years and i'll do some energy work there.

The time is not right to enter the grid lines yet.
There are certain factors involved in the near future.
I'll explain this tommorrow night when i've got more time.

I can sense things on a larger spectrum than your local. pyschic.

They work through the astral mainly....shamans work in the grid lines...as people know..the sth american shamans get there information about plants through this system.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

You're the "nobody huh?" scratching

The time "isn't right to enter those gridlines yet?" Where are you pulling this from?

Since we're speaking TOTAL CONJECTURE here and I assume you're talking about the 5th dimension, then I would say that you're not very familiar with what you speak...as, the 5th dimension is literally be layered in here NOW whether people are aware of it or not. Soon, they won't have a choice because that reality is coming whether they like it or not. Therefore, it become a SINK or SWIM environment. -You have absolutely NO CONTROL as to the "grids" that others can reside or not. Therefore, you're speaking WAY outside of any perceived authority that you THINK you have.

And when you say you're able to "hold" that energy...what is it you think you're referring to? Are you aware of the specific frequencies that you're speaking of, because, you're speaking in such general terms that you almost sound like a $20.00 psychic. I also notice that you claim to have a greater connection than the majority of "psychics."

Now...since I don't have the time or patience to break down this thread of yours, or to show you how egoic it sounds, I won't. I'll let you look over the thread again all on your own, just so you can see for yourself how bad it is.
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