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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tell us the world's biggest secret
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

There is no world secret.

The energy lines were deactivated in the past...that's why were in this state.

Everything is energy...to change things...it can only be done through that field.

The whole mechanics of our world is imitated to go in a course directive..there is manipulation on every level of society.

I can see that clearly..every person I come in contact with, I know them.

That is there signature..frequency.

It's a given that the earth will adopt it's full spectrum.
The vein lines that run through it's system will not be hindered in our near future.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

Me and you have spoken many times I was a member here till they decided to ban me, now I hide out as an ac.

So seeing as we have spoken on many things and you recall all energy signatures, who am I!

Also to note I too went through a ceremony in a golden pyramid during an obe/BI location thingy around 5 months ago...
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