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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle Sharkee
Post Content
Have you heard of Drunvalo Melchizedek OP? And are there many mystery schools that run along the Nile that you know of?
 Quoting: Sharkee

Yes I heard of him.

There are magicians in egypt..there knowledge stems through generations of that information being handed down to them.

It's a dying breed because the new generation doesn't have the interest.

These magicians are very adept in there craft.
Some of them work with ginns.
The islamic mythology is steeped with the old ginn being mastered to do things for there masters.

There aren't any well known mystery schools out there..there pretty much have died of.
The egyptians are a very supperstious lot...because of there background...they fear the master magician..there realy well respected and feared.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

If the mystery schools in that region have died off then how do they continue there practice? How does one earn the right to be initiated in the great pyramids? More so the King and Queens chamber? And how does the new generation get to tap into this grid as it has become a "New Age farce" as some call it. The reason I ask this is because you said and I agree the Egyptians are a superstitious lot as you put them as most of the findings in Egypt go directly against what they have been taught to believe.
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