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Message Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
It's all the devils work. I joined the Rosicrucians just to see what their hype was, I studied all the books or as they call them "Mandamus" and they are all affiliated. I learned it's the devils work. Not to be taken lightly. And the word is Jinn.
 Quoting: Rochelle

Why would you say it's the devils work? I am just curious as that is a very strong conviction. I am interested in the structures that were built in Egypt.
 Quoting: Sharkee

When you know God, you know when you are doing something right or wrong. I mean in God's eyes. They say they are a Godly org. The whole rose cross and all. But the way you initiate and all is not Godly. The structures in Egypt especially the pyramids were where they taught. Most only think them to be tombs to Gods or passed pharaohs but that's not true. Also you give thanks and praise to a specific pharaoh. I can't divulge much but I'm sure you're catching on. By the way I will say there is an illuminati. The mandamus speaks of them. The deal with a matter of three things and that's all I can say.
 Quoting: Rochelle

The word illuminati goes back to the giant elder race..the illinated..shinny ones.

The elder race was the guardian of the giza complex..the makers.

They were adepts..heirophants.

The fool and the uninitated get sucked into believing that there tombs..

One day will come when the whole truth will be revealed to humanity.
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