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GLP-Thank You

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27658756
United States
11/29/2012 08:21 AM
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Re: GLP-Thank You
Hi penguin My name is CaptCarter. I have been with GLP for many years and a member since Nov.2011. 1000 posts, 70 something good karma, numerous threads(GLP-Dance,Happy Thanksgiving-GLP,etc). My membership had expired on Nov.26,2012, and the server went down. My friend SLOANE had told me there were many people who wanted to donate to GLP so that I could stay a member. I didn't know what was happening because the date was Nov.27 2012, and I was still listed as member. So, I messed up and quit so that I was able to be upgraded and ended losing my entire history. trans_sign I am having to start all over and wanted to let everyone or anyone that was wondering what happened to the Capt. hf I hope to have everything back as soon as possible(buddy list,etc.)
I Love You - GLP
 Quoting: CaptCarter

Yes, I noticed something wasn't right when I had to add you to my buddy list again this morning.