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Message Subject OMG!!! UPDATE I GOT IT...Was that the full moon in front of the sun this morning? Nibiru? East Coast amazing NEW:PICS on 12/12/12
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks OP and everyone, this is getting very interesting!

Now I'm a very clear-headed guy with excellent capability for self-reflection and questioning my own perceptions. Old enough also (at my 40's) to stay cool-headed no matter what happens. I'm not saying this should convince anyone, but what I do say is that even after all due scepticism, something is going on - everywhere, but I'm referring to the skies specifically here.

There are way too many observations like this one, confirmed by many people. I've noticed myself how the sun's light has turned a lot "colder" (more bluish) while growing in intensity at the same time. I move in the nature a lot daily and you do become more sensitive to details like this if you pay attention to them often enough.

Something, whatever it is, is having significant effect on Earth. Something like Nibiru (doesn't matter what it's called, I mean any big enough chunk of stuff near enough to Earth) would explain a lot of what we're seeing taking place - everything from increased tectonic events and misc. weirdness (the LA sinkhole etc.) to possibly even the increased activity of the Sun. I don't know yet, but I'm open to the possibility.

Here in Finland the winter is also seriously late. I mean seriously - the change was obvious a year ago already, and now I'm talking about the temperature being about 15-20 degrees higher than it "should", first snow starting to fall now (should have been here a month ago or so), etc. It could be something temporary, but combined with everything else going on, I think it's connected too.

Things are finally getting into motion. The feeling of waiting has hanged in the air for so long - it's even been discussed at GLP several times lately. Take care of yourselves and each other everyone, I think we're in for the ride now! <3
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