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Message Subject OMG!!! UPDATE I GOT IT...Was that the full moon in front of the sun this morning? Nibiru? East Coast amazing NEW:PICS on 12/12/12
Poster Handle tmorjh
Post Content
this was my thread also I wa slooking at the east when I saw it

Thread: at 8 10 am the sun is full but white in color
Yes thats what i believe, as I just made a thread at 810 am, saying that the sun is full and all white in color, never saw anything like that.Looked just like a white full moon.
I'm in the philadelphia area. This morning I was crossing a bridge facing east and I saw the most amazing thing. It looked like a BIG full moon in front of the sun. But I don't think the moon is suppose to be rising at around 8:00 AM.

So, what the heck was that? Did anybody see it? I was amazed.
I took pics but it didn't show up properly on my phone.

I was still watching it when I got to work, and it disappeared when the sun got a bit higher/brighter in the sky around 8:25.

Help me out GLPr's. What the heck was it?????
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