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Message Subject OMG!!! UPDATE I GOT IT...Was that the full moon in front of the sun this morning? Nibiru? East Coast amazing NEW:PICS on 12/12/12
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What was the side of the object in front of the sun? does it block the main part of the sun?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1011606

It seemed that all the sun's rays had not fully risen. I would say the object would be just slightly above the center of the the sun.

There were a few clouds in the sky covering is a bit...but then the clouds moved and there is was. I was 5 min late for work cause I could stop staring at it in the parking lot.

I was thinking... is anybody else seeing this, or maybe it's just the moon. But the way is was radiating somehow (best I can describe it) I was thinking, I never saw the moon like that.
Then I also wondered does the sun look like the moon in the morning sometimes, behind clouds maybe....I don't know.
Can't get it off my mind...
 Quoting: Love&Peace2012

The 'radiating' effect could be distortion from our atmosphere? Here's a website that tells what we see each month for stars and planets.

"Naked Eye Planets [The Sun, Moon and planets rise in the east and set in the west due to Earth's west-to-east rotation on its axis.]
Evenings: Mercury (early in the month), Mars (early evening), Jupiter
Morning: Mercury (late in the month), Saturn (later in the month), Venus, Jupiter
* Mercury starts the month very low in WSW at dusk, becomes lost in the glare of the setting Sun within a week, passes in front of the Sun at mid-month, and begins to emerge in the morning low in the ESE the last week of Nov.
* Venus, now rising 2-3 hours before the Sun, is still the brilliant "morning star" in the eastern sky.
* Mars spends the entire month hanging low in the WSW in the early evening and sets a couple of hours after the Sun.
* Jupiter, now rising in the east soon after dark, is up all night and high in the west by morning.
* Saturn starts the month hidden in the glare of the rising Sun but by mid-month begins to emerge in the morning sky."

possibly Mercury or Saturn?

His most recent post is for December. Scroll down to see November's info. Hope this helps?
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