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Message Subject OMG!!! UPDATE I GOT IT...Was that the full moon in front of the sun this morning? Nibiru? East Coast amazing NEW:PICS on 12/12/12
Poster Handle Love&Peace2012
Post Content
Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 24404300

**In Response To: El Quisqueyano ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

F. you and Sellarium. That program as well as evey single other program used for everything and anything that the public has access to as well as evry single webb site was written by THE GOVERNMENT. More precisely. THE NAVY.

I don't trust a single f'n thing on those programs anymore. Not One. They can change them at will. They change all the time. They update them all the time. Its all Bullshit and everybody starting to realize it

**We Would Not Have Worded In This Fashion ... But You State A Very VALID POINT !!

**These Programs Are Written By Government/Governement Connections !! ... & Yes !! ... They Can Be Changed At Will ... At Whim !! ... And Of What They Don't Want You To Know Or To See/Know About ... This Is All Censored !!

**So Of Those That Say ... To Use Such Programs ... They Are Entirely Not Knowing/Not Aware !! ... & Dependant Upon What Information/Data Government Gives Them ... Such As ... That Which Is Given ... By The Consistant Liars Of ... "Never A Straight Answer" !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG

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