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Message Subject Glenn Beck dips Pres. Obama bubble head into a jar or urine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
++++BREAKING++++GLP hits new low+++++

I'm no Obongo fan either but this urine shit is even under white trailer park niveau.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28609847

if it was original you might have an argument, but it has been done before to great acclaim from the left. it just seems when their ox is gored they have a problem with "art."
 Quoting: davvi

I don't believe anybody posting on this thread gives a shit about Glenn Beck and his piss art.

Only wingers get butthurt about stuff like this, because they are so brainwashed, they think a reference to a 25 year old piece of art, funded by the NEA under President Reagan, is somehow relevant to Obama or anyone.

This is why you lose and will continue to lose.

Nobody is falling for your faux outrage and outright lies any more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23938347

this is why we lose? lose what? i don't see anyone here outraged, i see people having fun and a good laugh.
 Quoting: davvi

Why don't you read the thread.

Comments in the vein of "you liberals love to fund peeing on Jesus but freak out about Glen Beck doing it to Obama."

Of course, the "piss christ" artist is in no way a representative or mouthpiece of the democratic party. There certainly weren't crowds of liberals cheering that so-called art.

The only comment I see saying he finds it offensive is from a person who states he is "no Obama lover."

Yet your side cheers on a hugely famous conservative voice when he does it and says "turnabout is fair play", as if the other side was doing the same thing, when in reality what you reference is a 25-year-old controversy that was totally drummed up even then.

When I say you "lose" I am referring to the recent elections. Demographics is not on your side. History is not on your side. The truth is not on your side.

That is why, in the long run, you will lose.
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