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Message Subject Glenn Beck dips Pres. Obama bubble head into a jar or urine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hubris. That unrelenting narcissistic belief that you can not be mistaken. That you have conceived of every plausible scenario and come away proof positive that X couldn't have occurred the way some say it did. It's logically inconsistent right? Completely implausible, correct?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1549626

It's the most miraculous story in human history, dumbass, I LIVED every second of it, She SPOKE TO ME in perfectly clear language in the MIDST of the story, in CONTEXT, etc.

Just because you're too lame to make an attempt at comprehending the story, miracles, etc. doesn't mean I can't. In fact I do. I said I was the New Age Messiah two years before She spoke to me, and She didn't correct me.
I was not blessed with the gift of charisma or a penchant for manipulative argumentation. So I will only say this. The god that 10000$ suit wearing TV evangelists is pushing isn't the right one. The god that the hell-fire and brimstone pulpit shouter is trying to scare you into believing isn't the right one either. The real one that the Bible represents isn't in the business of hate or fear, though there are many that would have you believe that he is. Know him first, seek him first, before rejecting the entire notion simply because the unwise or the cunningly evil had you buy into hollow charictature of the real God only meant to drive you away from real truth and meaning.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1549626

The God of the Bible is a made up storybook character. There is nothing about that God that can be defined and then supported in some cheerleader type way, like a "good guy" or whatever. The storybook character God in the Bible is a psycho freak schizo tyrant from hell.
 Quoting: New Age Messiah

Yeah, yeah, yeah....your the new age masseuse, or whatever....just bring me my martini and some of those delicious little cheese snacks....chop chop....oh, and while you're at it Ms. goddess masseuse, go pick me the winning powerball numbers
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