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Message Subject Glenn Beck dips Pres. Obama bubble head into a jar or urine
Poster Handle *Evan*
Post Content
Again. 1987.

1987 is when "piss christ" was funded and created.

Get. A. Fucking. Grip.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23938347

[link to www.theblaze.com]

Almost immediately after it was announced that “Piss Christ” would be making a surprise return to the Big Apple, Christian leaders and conservative lawmakers began accusing the Obama administration of religious hypocrisy, saying while the White House has been silent on the anti-Christian photograph, it has constantly and strongly condemned the low-budget anti-Muslim YouTube clip “Innocence of Muslims” that offended people of the Islamic faith and supposedly sparked unrest in the Middle East

This is from September. While it may have been originally show way back when it was just displayed again.
 Quoting: LJTG

Exactly! They keep dragging this "masterpiece" about and inflicting it on the public.

Additionally it is just recently that the leftists have displayed the painting showing Obama on a sort of crucifix and he has been lauded on National TV as their Lord and Savior.

And speaking of the NEA, remember that famous telephone recording of them plotting to support the Obama campaign and they guy telling people to paint things for it???

Again our tax dollars going to buy votes for Democrats.

If we could stop the use of taxes to buy votes for Democrats, we might could balance the budget t has become so prevalent.
 Quoting: Bluebird

Who's "they"?

Obscure artists and art galleries? Is that our master plan? To subvert the union by making art that no one would ever see if it weren't for the publicity generated by fake outrage on the right?

What famous telephone call are you referring to? If you are talking about the 2009 call reported by Glenn Beck, even if true, it had nothing to do with elections or votes. Not even Beck claims that.

Paranoid loonie is what you are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23938347

You are either very willfully ignorant, or you are stealthy in pushing your agenda.

Liberals can never tell the truth in America because if everyone knew the ultimate goals of liberals...or at least the liberal elite(many liberal sheep don't know jack) they would be rejected by the people.

Many of us know though, we know history, we understand what the end game is. I know throughout history, when someone tries to brush things off and just yell "paranoid loony" theres usually something up.

"I no longer have to run for President of the United States, for the Democrat party has adopted our socialist platform"

Remember that?
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