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BREAKING!! Obama to bypass congress to ban semiautomatic firearms!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1123472
11/29/2012 09:22 AM
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Re: BREAKING!! Obama to bypass congress to ban semiautomatic firearms!!
Trade the guns for marijuana. Ban the sale of guns and legalize the sale of marijana.

s. d. butler

User ID: 974819
United States
11/29/2012 03:12 PM
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Re: BREAKING!! Obama to bypass congress to ban semiautomatic firearms!!

I have seen the warfighter simulations for a civil uprising in the US, these have been run at the Command General Staff College at Kansas and it is and I quote "An impossible battle to win, much less a war" -General Tommy Franks
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28614102

WEll now, that's interesting.
Did they shut off power and utilities?
Did they shut down transportation grids and delivery of food and supplies?
Did they blast pockets of 'resistance with arty and air assets and run over them with tracks and armor?
Did the shut down netflix and youpron?
I'd think if the gloves were really off, scorched earth and unrestrained violence against civilians would do the trick to a population more suited for dancing with the stars instead of shooting at them.
Personally I think that when any pretext of civility towards so called rebels is removed by the mocha messiah, no quarter will be given until the wite debbil is all but exterminated
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1310640

War to the knife and knife to the hilt against their own people is exactly what will lose it for tptb. They will lose anyway but it will be bloodier if they adopt extermination tactics against their own population.

Not to mention that they aren't even close to being omnipotent no matter how many state worshippers there are.

Any reasonably intelligent person should be able to figure that out.
 Quoting: s. d. butler

history proves you wrong, and repeatedly so, pal.
If the public is not clever enough to prevent a rogue from acquiring the levers of power from them and demanding crippling taxes without any resistance, those that cannot refuse their pens and checkbooks will not instead offer their property, lives and luxury in any combat against a far more aggressive and well provisioned foe that already regards them as disposable.
The present crop of residents have nothing in common with those that turned the world upside down over 3 centuries back, for those understood the consequences of claiming or relinquishing power to outsiders and deceivers, and the ones now do not.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1310640

History proves me right. Whether the population can rise to the occasion remains to be seen. Your opinion notwithstanding.

You are another who thinks asymetric war is about who has the most force and the biggest guns.

It is amusing that you speak of systems disruption by gubmint forces as a war fighting measure. It doesn't work well in COIN. It might work in a 2nd or 3rd gen war against another nation/state but that isn't the situation here.

It won't be about force on force.

Last Edited by s. d. butler on 11/29/2012 03:14 PM
Squatch Hunter

User ID: 25765147
United States
11/29/2012 04:50 PM
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Re: BREAKING!! Obama to bypass congress to ban semiautomatic firearms!!
About 10 years ago I was listening to a San Diego talk radio station that was interviewing a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Since this General served most of his career during the Cold War, the talk shifted to the Russians and all the "What If" scenarios.

One scenario that was discussed was a Russian land invasion of the United States. It was to come from 4 different directions - East and West Coast, Mexico and Canada. The Canadian plan specifically called for an air Campaign against Alaska & Canada to neutralize aircraft interceptors and ground to air missiles, followed by an air drop of two crack Russian Divisions in the Southern Reaches of Canada. These two divisions were to march south and attack different regions of the Northern US.

Apparently, the Communist scrapped the plan as a workable solution. Guess why? The Russians realized both Divisions would be wiped out inside of 2 weeks. Not due to the US Army or Airforce. But because of a million US gun owners with long range deer rifles. That's why.

For you guys who don't understand warfare, please consider that the average soldier is armed with a short range carbine. Most of those guys aren't going to be hitting targets beyond 300 to 400 yards accurately. Yes, it is true that they will be backed up by artillery and air assets but that doesn't mean that every squad or every company will have aircraft circling overhead or that they will always be operating within an artillery fan. All it takes is a half dozen guys to be sniping from long range, from 3 or 4 directions to create casualties and chaos.

Not to mention the supply effort to support an Army in the field is a logistical nightmare. Lots and lots of convoys and some lightly guarded. Soldier don't fight too well without bullets, beans and gas.

The Iraq war is a playground to what an invasion force would have to withstand here in ConUS. In addition to gun owners and hunters, the United States boasts the world's largest civilian pool of combat trained veterans. This is to say nothing about the active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen that would come over to our side.

In short, there is no possible way in Hades that any military on the planet is going to take on the US population and win short of using Nukes, Chemical & Bio Warfare. Even then, it would be tough as pockets of resistance could overwhelm them. That's why anyone wanting to do us damage MUST disarm us first. And the only way that is going to be accomplished is if we disarm ourselves. Don't ever give up your guns and it won't be an issue.