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Message Subject Does anyone have an abnormally low body temperature? Radiation poisoning?
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
Post Content
There are TWO basic problems here.

1. Most have never accepted the FACT that the radiation dose one has is CUMULATIVE; builds to 50 rads over a year or more, depending on how much sour taking in on any day. The last depends on rain/fallout, wind conditions, location and just what the IDIOTIC Tepco people are doing/NOT DOING with the reactors, PLUS burning the radioactive stubble of crops and contaminated wood.

2. People have little or NO IDEA of the function of the Thyroid Gland, as the MASTER GLAND controlling all the others !
SO, because Obama took ALL the potassium iodide pills OFF the pharmacy shelves the first week after the explosions ( NOT acknowledged by Tepco for OVER a YEAR ) of the nuke plants, he PREVENTED Americans from taking same to prevent thyroid cancer/problems. AND, they elected him again, as a reward?

Children are most susceptible to intake of the Iodine 131 from Japan, as their bodies are growing, along with the thyroid. PLUS, many symptoms of this poisoning/interference of the thyroid function WILL MIMIC other diseases that doctors can quickly pass off as the cause, AND DO, as there is nothing they can tell you in this police state controlled by Bammy !

Please die quietly. Don't interfere with the ignorant people here who are NOT concerned with TRUTH OR their lives !

I posted information on alternative method to STOP intake of radioactive Iodine 131 over several months, as did Emerald Eyes ! FEW responded/took action.

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