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Message Subject Does anyone have an abnormally low body temperature? Radiation poisoning?
Poster Handle LisaDiane
Post Content
Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have learned lots of good information.

I read about the need for iodine after Fukishima and have rubbed tincture of iodine on my wrist and stomach occasionally. It did show that I was deficient in iodine...

But through research I have learned that I need much more iodine each day. I purchased Iodoral pills (combination iodine and potassium iodide) from a local health food store.

I forgot to mention that my weight began ballooning up the past three months as my temperature went down. I gained 13 pounds in the last 3 months, so I got serious about my thyroid, and my low temperature.

FYI I took thyroid tests, and traditional doctors said I was fine... which is BS.

I have a alternative speciaslist who works on metabolic disorders who is helping me piece this puzzle somewhat, but his progress is too slow for me.

I spend much time researching solutions... but I have found no medical research that suggests that my thyroid is related to Fukishima. But knew that GLP would help me uncover the answer.
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