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Message Subject The "moon" is a Projection in the Sky
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Moon as we all knew it is Gone. About 3 years ago the Real moon went somewhere.

The Projection moon uses a High altitude Screen and is Projected unto from Satillies. THe Tech started Ground Based bach in the 1920's(projection lens patent work) and in the 1950's going down from orbit took care of the Light Loss problem Ground based projectors have.

The screen is the Very high (white) looking chem trail planes. That lays out the Screen at 50-55 k ft. The clounds and Plane traffic are around 30-45 depending.

Very interesting find. They live! :)

 Quoting: apostle dave 10920814

Okay ,what about the TIDE? how is that still there?

Please explain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23289565

Thank you for the question. The best way to explai this is Perspective. all things effect everything else to some degree. This is important to undertand why the Worlds Climate changed over the last few years. Tides as we know them are true on all visible worlds with any atmospere.

So with that siad. if I have a chain 1-2-3-4-5 etc and they are interact o one degree or another. In the cadse of Tides. EVEN NASA will tell you the SUn is the big daddy Period. That being said. the Moons once effect was very minor and is know gone. That does not mean tides "go" but they change. Tides will always bewith us until the Earth sits alone with no other Influances around it. We know that will not happen. Thus Things change and we need to be aware that we are not caught short. The governments know this is true. I pray more people prepare the world is changinf very fast ..

even if you disagree I pray your safe and sound.afro
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