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Message Subject The "moon" is a Projection in the Sky
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How do they pull off the solar eclipses?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20115308

Funny you should say that. I did a video about that Hoax as well. The once thing I have shown people is the Lack of a Earth Shadow. I was in the path of that Eclipse and my wife as well witnessed NO Moon/earth shadow or Dimming at all. All they do is make the cirle Black instead of the Projected moon face. The Venus "tranist" was a Hoax as well.

This covers that hoax after the First topic I cover. I will add the Venus transit Hoax video as well.
 Quoting: Apostle dave 10920814

So they're projecting black light??
 Quoting: AllGunsBlazing

Yes you can project Black as well as white...by the way the venus and so called moon eclipse show they cabn be Seen through. THis is the fact. There is no moon, so unless someone sold you proerty on that thing it really should not matter that much to you to hear it's gone. But some with Burn the truth and love the lie....each there own. you have been told the truth here. Up to you what to do
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