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Message Subject The "moon" is a Projection in the Sky
Poster Handle NOSFONAM
Post Content
The Moon that everyone Thought was THE MOON

Is Actually SIN, Spiritual Light Divide...

It's the One with the Towers and Castles on It.

It's a Vehicle for Lamb aiding in Emenation,

As Well as Defence...

But It Stays with the Actual EARTH, the one Preparing

For The Second Ressurection... DIRT or Will Light Destroy

Lift a Sword, Gives the Earth an Emmense Amount of Dark

Black Light, that in This Darkness Renders it Invisible...

As Well as The Milky Way Galaxy... The More Dead there are

The More Death, The More Light it Gives off and the Harder

It is to See or Find...

Due to the Scattering over the last few years...

Most of the Moons in the Sky are Sons of Perdition,

liliths or Lilia.

Sometimes a Mixture of one Black Son of Perdition

And a Lilia made of a Reflective Illuminative Glow

like Gel Screen and the Son of Perdition to Mimic

The Changes in the Actuals Moons Cycle.

To Keep Track of the Days of Brahma and other Record

Keeping as well as Mimic the Illusion that they want.

Which is why the Woman of Stars will Stand on the Moon

And Be Clothed with the Sun, she'll destroy

Alot of these Things and the Spiritual Cup

That they are Filling with the light and energy of the


Tied to the Great Whore, they can Get alot of Energy

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