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Message Subject The "moon" is a Projection in the Sky
Poster Handle aliensbro
Post Content
The tides are predicted simply by the orbit of the Moon. They have been in sync with the moon for thousands of years (recorded history, likely far longer) and fit exactly with what is expected based on the moon's orbit and mass. There is no better theory about what causes the tides.

the moon has NOT been observed in our atmosphere. EVERY video supposedly showing it in front of the clouds involves thin clouds that it easily shines through. They also ignore that if it were that close then it would not be in the right place for all observers (most would not be able to see it). They ignore the fact that ANYONE can find the distance to the Moon with basic geometry and get their own answer that is very similar to where it should be. They ignore the fact that HAM radio enthusiasts bounce radio signals off the Moon every day which would not work for a nearby projection.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Actually i've witnessed this phenomena with my own eyes, and it has nothing to do with thin clouds. That is the stupidest thing i've ever heard, in videos is one thing because you can't really tell, but once you see it. Very obvious. The nano reflective materials that allow the moon the be projected also allow HAM to bounce signals off of the top layer of our atmosphere.
 Quoting: aliensbro

Aliensbro is right.

Aliensbro is the leading actor in the "Aliensbro Show" we are all watching. Because he lives in a limited space (TV Studio) of course the producers have to project sun, moon, stars etc including weather simulation.

About three weeks ago Aliensbro could manage it to get in contact with the outside world - and was able to register at GLP.

So forgive him his ignorance. In his little world it is as he describes it. He does know nothing about the conditions in the real world.

But remember "The Truman Show": It will not take much more time and Aliensbro can escape from his little world. And then he will understand all the wunders of the real sky.

 Quoting: Hydra

Ha, your cute. Maybe you should learn to spell before trying to insult a man's honest opinion. No one's pushing it as fact so you have no grounds for your attacks.
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