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Message Subject The "moon" is a Projection in the Sky
Poster Handle aliensbro
Post Content
Anyone on a clear night, with a decent telescope can see the moon, if its in the sky. And so I believe we still have a moon. But since I've seen some really odd things relating to the moon myself, play on light, almost pearl like 3d projections from the moon in both triangular and also flower of life or more precisely, almost the flower like inner workers of an atom, almost atomic symbols on the moon, projected out in a very brilliant pearl like white 3dish look.

Lots of other things too.

So at times, for sure, it seems as if, the moon may be a projection, they may be practicing something or trying to accomplish something, and following the trail to find what truth can be found or at least bring up various theories to analyze is a good thing.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

This is true, there are projector like phenomenon and sometimes the moon is just normal looking. Maybe the moon is there, and is being projected over at certain times for whatever reason.
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