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Message Subject Asked why I was paying cash!! WTF
Poster Handle US anti-coin movement?
Post Content
The other day I was was using some nickles to pay for 3.00 worth of items at the store, just nickles, I like to use them. The cashier told me it was "against the rules" to accept them if not wrapped.

I said "Can you give we a wrapper"? She said "no".

I wanted to explain to her that coins are actual money (specie) and that paper money is debt.

but I just smiled, and knowingly winked at her and said "Thanks for breaking the rules for me." and she said "no problem!" in a defeated way, like as if I confused her.

I think she was just stupid or lazy, but what was funny was that the guy behind me had a bunch of coins unwrapped with which to pay, as well! Ha!
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